Author :        Yunlong Zhou ,Ye Wang
  Date:           2014/6/16
  Last modified:  2015/7/31
  Copyright:      DsLab
  Licence:        GPLv2

  Structure introduce:           # A introspection module that we can use it to see a python keyword/varialbe/func/etc.        # Result check script, it's working based on the sil4_config      # File operation function module         # Main function here, including use tools to trace and get system calltree
   Makefile               # A lazy use, we can use "make clean" before "git commit"             # A module include a print func we can use it to print debugmessage with a switch
   not_success_test       # A file that include some tests in the posixtestsuite that may crash the system           # a shell script that we can use it to set posixtestsuite
   README                 # README file , doesn't need interpretation         # Config file ,we use it to save static variables               # call other func to trace! the real start !